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Hot & Bothered Vol. 2

Hot & Bothered Vol. 2 HD View Boxcover

After many long months of lockdown isolation, Seth just wants a haircut. But having been starved of contact for so long, Seth and Whitney soon find themselves fumbling through relearning what it means to be intimate with someone. When Khloe needs help, she knows she can count on Nathan to be there for her. With her emergency handled, the comfort Khloe feels with Nathan is made all the more obvious until their walls break down and theyre tumbling back into her bed together. Lillys Wi-Fi goes down and she needs a fix right away - Robby is her handsome hero in a company branded t-shirt, there to save her day. The problem is easily resolved, and the connection is stronger than ever. Alexis and Tyler are giving things another shot, and this time they're going to take it slow. But it doesn't take long for everything to come flooding back and make her change her mind on the pace she wants to move at now. From new connections to old flames burning with a new warmth, this collection is sure to bring the heat.

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